Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Beneath the Surface

It has been said that many teachers and gurus teach what they need to learn. This is true for me when I teach, and also when I paint. When I teach and when paint I am always both the teacher and the student.


This small painting 10x8, titled Beneath the Surface, reminds me that I am more than the image I see in the mirror, more than the art I make, more than the thoughts I think. The unseen, larger part of me, the unconscious part; is inclusive, non-judgemental, loving and wise.

This painting is composed of a heavily textured background, upon which I glued a translucent gel skin. Putting the luminous skin over this gritty composition, totally intrigued me. The underlying marks and rough texture appear to be at the bottom of a pond.

Following your curiosity is key...you must be intrigued.

Nicholas Wilton the painter, has a great quote: "If it feels slightly like a yawn, stop immediately."

Be the whole swimming pool...both the deep end and the shallow!


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