Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Experience More Freedom in the Art Studio

Getting out of your head!

When I am at my best, it is when I am effortlessly, joyfully, playfully creating. Not paying mind to the voices in my head questioning my every stroke of paint, or that telling me "I SHOULD" or not do something. The quiet voice whispering, "you could" use that image of a chair  on the table next to you, or saying "what if" you had an image of a  tree emerge out of the sky? This is voice of poetry! 

So much creative energy is lost, when the mind analyzes your every action. My mantra have a crumb of a notion, just DO IT; then make it work. The critical mind may be helpful with editing composition, helpful with framing, and helpful to get your art out into the world. But this logical part of us often shuts down the imaginative, more innovative, intuitive voice.

You could say the LEFT side of the brain (analytical mind) isn't necessarily the best leader in creative endeavors. The RIGHT side of the brain, the intuitive mind, is where you will move beyond old limits and discover the joy of innovation. 

Read Jill Bolte Taylor"s book My Stroke of Insight, her experience is fascinating, and Betty Edwards 1979 classic, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, is a fantastic workbook.

Meditation is a wonderful tool to quiet the chatter in your mind. When sitting in your "heart space" you are calm, focused and open.

When I approach the canvas, I do this simple exercise to be more meditative.  Imagine all your attention, all your energy, being in your head; then visualize this energy slowly moving down into your heart field, as if your awareness is on an elevator going from the top floor to a middle space of open, expansive creativity.  With your awareness residing here, you will experience a valuable state of neutrality. 
(Not good, not bad...just observing, experiencing and appreciating.)
 ( New-to-Your-Reality)

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