Thursday, January 7, 2016

Abstract Mixed Media Painting 30/30 Challenge "Anticipation" by Intuitive Artist Joan Fullerton

Here is my 3rd painting of the 30 in 30 days.

Leslie Saeta's challenge has me in the studio everyday for hours!

For me a new year beginning is like an empty canvas...the anticipation is delicious!

What story do you see in these images? Do you see an empty swing hanging from the ancient symbol for a new day beginning? (Sun on the horizon.)  A small faded deciduous tree on top of a very large empty nest, the nest being hinged over obscure branches? Is that rain falling on only 1/2 of the bottom area? How does the large area of contemplative space affect you? The quiet colors? The subtle images contrasted with bold ones? Let me know.

 Want to view a portion of my creative process and see the face that lives beneath the layers?
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  24"x18.75" Mixed Media on Cradled Panel

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